7714 N Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL 60626


located behind the home of

Daniel S. Berger MD


The gallery is currently for a winter intrum period.

Please join us in spring for the begining of our 2019 season of exhibitions and programs. 


Gallery open hours during exhibitions:

Fri 1 - 4 pm

Sat & Sun 1 - 5 pm

We also welcome visits by appointment.






Iceberg is not accepting proposals at this time.



Founded in 2010, Iceberg Projects is located in Rogers Park, one of Chicago’s most economically and culturally diverse neighborhoods, and is positioned between Loyola and Northwestern universities. Situated within the garden behind the home of Daniel S. Berger MD and Scott Wenthe, Iceberg's private exhibition space is a historic carriage house modernized by interior architect Robert MacNeill.





Through exhibitions, screenings, and other programming, Iceberg brings artists producing work of depth and substance to the attention of local and regional communities. The gallery is also invested in bringing Chicago-based artists into dialogue with global developments in contemporary art. Iceberg functions as a place for artists and guest curators to develop experimental projects in a gallery environment combining historic character with state-of-the-art architectural design. By maintaining non-commercial status, Iceberg allows artists to conceive and exhibit works without conventional financial pressures.


Iceberg does not accept unsolicited proposals for exhibitions. We do, however, encourage art students to contact us about internship opportunities.




Daniel S. Berger MD (Director)

Huey Copeland

Doug Ischar

John Neff

Carrie Schneider

Rebecca Walz

Robert MacNeill (Gallery Architect)




Militant Eroticism - The ART+Positive Archives (Sternberg Press, 2017)

Edited by Iceberg's director Daniel S. Berger MD and board member John Neff.

Links: Amazon, Sternberg Press





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