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Meet Me at The Soho House

Brian Calvin, Paul Cowan, Chelsea Culp, Michael Madrigali, PplSft, Puppies Puppies, Autumn Ramsey, and Alice Tippit

September 12 – October 11, 2014

Organized by Night Club, Chicago


Walking down the street, Samantha runs into a swimsuit-clad friend. They greet one another with air kisses.

Friend: We just dropped by the Soho House for a dip. I mean, what else can you possibly do in this heat? Just sit by the pool and drink cocktails, while they mist you with Evian. Isn’t it the best?

Samantha: Oh, it’s fabulous. I’m running to a lunch, otherwise I’d be up there myself.

At brunch with Charlotte, Carrie, and Miranda

Samantha: There’s a pool a block from my apartment, and I can’t get in.

Charlotte: What pool?

Samantha: At the Soho House. You have to be a member and I’m on some kind of bullshit wait list.

Carrie: Don’t they know who you are?

Miranda: And more importantly who we are. We need to be at the pool with you.

Carrie voiceover: Samantha was too cool to belong to any clubs in high school, so she refused to believe that any club was too cool for her now. Especially since New York in August is not cool at all.

Samantha enters the Soho House lobby

Soho House Employee: May I help you?

Samantha: I hope so. I’d like to to know what’s holding up my membership. I’ve been on the wait list since June.

Employee: Yes, I’m sorry, but we are not currently admitting any new members.

Samantha: The pool is so fabulous.

Employee: We’re at capacity every day.

Samantha: Do you know who I am?

Employee: No, I don’t. We can’t accommodate you right now.

Samantha: Well, can I at least use the restroom before I go? Or is there a wait list for that as well?

Employee: Down the corridor on your left, the door marked W.C.

Soho House Guest: Miss, did you leave your card on the sink?

Samantha: Oh, yes. Yes, I did. Thank you so much.

Samantha takes the card

Carrie Voiceover: Since they didn’t seem to know who she was at the Soho House, she figured she could be Annabelle Bronstein.

The next day, Samantha tested the waters with her fake ID.

Soho House Waiter: Excuse me, can I get you something to drink, Ms. Bronstein?

Samantha: Yes, but I’ll just pay cash. And please, call me Annabelle.

At the Soho House pool

Soho House Employee: Excuse me. Which one of you is Annabelle Bronstein?

Samantha: I am.

Employee: Well, that’s impossible. Ms. Bronstein is in London for the week.

Samantha: No, I am Annabelle Bronstein.

Employee: And she’s British.

Samantha: (with fake British accent) As I was saying, dear sir…I am Annabelle Bronstein.

Employee: I’m fairly certain you’re not Annabelle, I’ve spoken to her on the phone.

Samantha: I am absolutely Annabelle Bronstein. And I do not pay nine hundred American dollars annually to be treated like this. Now, ring round the waiter and have him tally up the drinks.

Miranda: (to Carrie) What’s with the accent?

Carrie: (to Miranda) She’s got a case of the Madonna’s.

Employee: I’m sorry but I know for a fact that Annabelle lost her card.

Samantha: Yes. I thought I did. But it was on top of the telly.

Employee: And Ms. Bronstein is from Sussex, as am I. And I venture to guess you are not in fact from the U.K.

Samantha: Well, that’s true. I was raised in India.

Voiceover: On any given day, there are a lot of versions of crazy right here in New York. Today, Annabelle Bronstein had multiple personalities and at least two accents.

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