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Wild You

A screening of films by Jared Buckhiester, Sara Magenheimer, Sky Hopinka, Caitlin Ryan, Jessie Mott, Steve Reinke, Danny Carroll, and Ephraim Asili

Friday, March 8, 2019

Pendulum (film still), Danny Carroll

Organized by Danny Carroll and Doug Ischar

What is considered breaking and entering? Is it break and enter if you have a key? This program is about disruption, collision, revival, and cooperation, told through a lens of both the real and the imagined. Glass shatters, cops appear and vanish, a city street gets blocked off, a statue decapitated, and two people wrestle it out in an empty meadow.



Jared Buckhiester
2011, 5:00
Footage compiled from a small animal auction in Pickens South Carolina, November 2011.

Art and Theft

Sara Magenheimer
2017, 7:00
Magenheimer’s video explores the bounds of narrative and the illusion of received wisdom in the seven minutes and twenty-two seconds it takes to rob a house. Here, images of medieval art, popular cinema, and “live” news reportage speak candidly to the
constructedness of all storytelling traditions.

Fainting Spells

Sky Hopinka
2018, 11:00
Told through recollections of youth, learning, lore, and departure, this is an imagined myth for the Xąwįska — or the Indian Pipe Plant — used by the Ho-Chunk to revive those who have fainted.

The House with No Corners

Caitlin Ryan
2019, 8:00
Known as the Devil's House, the Town hall, and the Bull Valley Police Department. The House With No Corners observes the uncanny past and present of those who haunt a midwestern landscape.

Eat Your Secrets

Jessie Mott, Steve Reinke
2017, 4:00
The fourth collaboration between Jessie Mott and Steve Reinke continues its melancholic musings on desire and mourning, this time with more twerking. Hypnotic backgrounds and eccentric animals lend to its psychedelic children's cartoon vibe, and the signature Madonna and Stockhausen soundtrack enhances the desperation for paradise among those extra long tongues and snake-y bodies.


Danny Carroll
2019, 15:00
In the midst of everyday farmland, care and maintenance become something else. A farmer tends to her sheep, while another trains his dog to herd them. A cow is milked, and two people have a wrestling match in an empty meadow, which ends in them checking one another for ticks.

American Hunger

Ephraim Asili
2013, 19:00
Oscillating between a street festival in Philadelphia, the slave forts and capital city of Ghana, and the New Jersey shore, American Hunger explores the relationship between personal experience and collective histories. American fantasies confront African realities. African realities confront America fantasies.

Thank you to Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for their contributions to this program.
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